The Great Gatsby


I just do not know how I feel towards all the characters except Nick. Before starting reading the story, I had got to know about the narrator, and I wondered why is not the story written from Gatsby or Daisy's POV. However, once I got to know the characters, I knew that the story couldn't have been well-narrated except by Nick; he was the sane one in the story, the one with self-composition. If others were to narrate it, it would have been incoherent and so confusing.

I liked Nick's narration and the rich prose that was written so beautifully. The language was a refreshment while the actions were not appealing.

Gatsby spent years of his precious youth to gain fame and wealth, mistakenly thinking that with them he could gain back a young love. In all the haze to get the status he wanted, he forgot to make friends and to live normally. I pitied him at the beginning and I pitied him when he died. What a waste of youth!


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